The Southern Region community will be a key partner in the development and growth of our club. Our supporting football associations have a long and proud history and they currently boast 40,000 registered players across the region.

Southern Expansion has been meeting with our local football community and will continue to engage with them over the coming months as the bid progresses.

Our meetings with the associations are essential as they will be the backbone of the club that we’re creating. Building the club from the ground up allows the football community from the southern region to be able to contribute to the club’s culture and values.

Countless players from our supporting football clubs have had incredible professional careers and many have either become ambassadors or come back to play a part in coaching the next generation of players.

We want to take the southern region’s youth to the top and allow them every chance to become professional players. The football academy we plan to establish will invest in youth talent to ensure that every player has an opportunity to nurture their skills and rise to the top. Playing in the academy will also allow these young players to meet their professional heroes and create long-time supports and fans of football.

In addition, the southern region has a thriving community of long-time football fans and players.

Our recent survey was the first step in liaising with the community, and over the coming months, we plan to meet with the southern region’s football community and engage with them to help build our club. We value the opinions and support of our local communities and want to make sure that everyone has a say.

The community will have a chance to help us with several aspects of club planning – from team colours, to even choosing a mascot. We’ve partnered with Gemba to help us gauge fan interests, and we will be using the insights that Gemba provides to further develop our club.

Our bid and the local football community is represented through our relationship with our local football associations who each have strong ties to the local area.

We will keep our local community up to date with developments through our website, our social media channels and via regular newsletters.